Ruger PC Carbine Add-Ons: The Catalyst Arms Hardpoint Kit


by Kevin Creighton

Ruger's PC Carbine has been a resounding success because of its ability to handle larger-capacity magazines, easy controls and compact size. It’s accurate, fun to shoot and very viable option for self-protection. The styling of the gun is based somewhat on Ruger’s previous 9 mm carbine, the Ruger Police Carbine of the late 90s and early 2000s. However, the state-of-the-art in gun accessories has advanced a bit since that gun was released, with innovations like quick-detach slings and rail-mounted accessories which allow you to tailor a gun to your exact needs. Lights, lasers and bipods are just a few of the common add-ons to a modern fighting carbine, and they can greatly expand the utility and ease of use of your gun.

The 2018 Ruger PC Carbine offers a section of Picatinny-compatible rail at the front of the stock, right in front of the sling swivel, as well as a rail on top of the receiver to mount optics and other accessories. That single section of rail up front is one of the few limitations of the PC Carbine. While it’s great for mounting a single mounting point for a light or laser, space quickly runs out if you want to add more than one accessory, and that’s where the Ruger PC Carbine Hardpoint kit from Catalyst Arms can help.


Each kit consists of a short length of lightweight, anodized aluminum that slides onto the existing rail at the front of a Ruger PC Carbine and a spacer that fits in between the rear of the stock, equipped holes on both sides to attach a QD (quick detach) sling mount. The front section is a nifty little device that offers not only three short sections of M-Lok-compatible rail slots but a reversible QD sling mount as well. Installation of the front accessory rail is easy: The QD mount is attached to a bolt that locks into the pre-existing rail, and it’s reversible for left-handed shooters like myself. Installation of the rear spacer requires the use of the hex key that comes with the PC Carbine (which, if you’ve lost yours, or decided to install this kit at the range like I did, is a 9/64-inch key).


Once everything attached, the Hardpoint kit greatly expands your accessory options. With three M-Lok rails up front, you can add shorter lengths of  M-Lok to attach lights, lasers or other accessories right where you want them, not just on the bottom of your gun,and a QD mount lets you add a newer style sling like the Vickers sling or similar sling. The spacer in the back didn’t affect my grip or sight picture on my gun, however, if you find it a bit uncomfortable,  you might want to look at the TacCom Competition Buttplate or a similar, thinner pad for the end of your gun that will reduce its stock length.


If you’re looking to do more with your Ruger PC Carbine, look into the Hardpoint kit from Catalyst Arms. With an MSRP of $89.95, it opens up a world of possibilities for one of America’s most-versatile guns.

Yamil Sued - Gun Stock Review video - Installing the Ruger PC Carbine Hardpoint Kit

In this video, they install Catalyst Arms Hardpoint Accessory Mounting System to a Ruger PC Carbine.

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New Mounting System for Ruger PC Carbine from Catalyst Arms

By Mon Berenguer

Whenever Ruger makes a new rifle, you can bet there will be a slew of innovative companies lined up to create a dizzying and impressive array of aftermarket accessories. This is true for Ruger’s famous 10/22, and it also applies to the new Ruger PC-9 Carbine. Established in 2017 by Kevin Haight and Matt Foster, Catalyst Arms LLC remains a small aftermarket accessories manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon, and just released their Hardpoint Mounting System for the Ruger PC-9 Carbine. This mounting system is a two-piece set, consisting of an M-LOK adapter that attaches to the PC-9’s accessory rail under the barrel, and of a quick-install buttstock basepad with QD sling mounts on either side. What the M-LOK adapter simply and easily does is attach to the single accessory rail under the barrel, and multiplies the PC-9’s accessory attachment capability threefold. Meanwhile, the basepad enables the rifle to easily attach a sling on the QD mounts for use by left or right-handed shooters.

The first of two components that comprise Catalyst Arms’
Hardpoint Mounting System is the M-LOK adapter.
When attached to the lone underbarrel rail, the PC-9’s
accessorization capacity is increased threefold.
Note that the three rail slots are sold separately

The second component is the basepad. Note the peg where the QD sling mount attaches

Given the hundreds, if not thousands of different lights, lasers, bipods and other accessories available, no doubt PC-9 owners will give their rifles more functionality and a more tacti-cool appearance. Proudly made in the USA, Catalyst Arms’ Hardpoint Mounting System is machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and retails for $89.95. So if you owned a Ruger PC-9 Carbine, would you buy this system and what manner of add-ons will you attach?

The Ruger PC-9 (shown here with a suppressor attached) was featured in this year’s SHOT Show. Catalyst Arms, a small firearms accessories manufacturer in Portland, wasted no time
in making a Hardpoint Mounting System to allow PC-9 owners to sling and assist in “tricking out” the rifle