Instructions for installing the FAST TRACK™ Handguard:


How do I install the mag release extension?  It’s easy, just put it on the back of the RPR mag release (side closest to the trigger guard) and loosely install the supplied screw through the slot in the rifle’s mag release lever.  Slide our MRE to the bottom of the slot and fully tighten the screw.  That’s it.  You’re ready for quick and easy mag changes

Do I need to disassemble my rifle for installation?  No, please don’t.

How tight do I tighten the screw?  Tight enough that it holds securely, but no so tight it strips the aluminum threads.  About 25in/lbs. You may also add a small drop of Loctite® Blue to the screw threads before installation.

How does the Harris Bi-pod lever work?



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